› US version of Morrissey's book edits out his gay relationship

Now what the fresh hell is this?  Multiple sources are confirming that the entire section where Morrissey talks about his two year relationship with a man have been removed, as have pictures of the man in question and a short anecdote about him as well.   

At this point it isn’t clear if the singer himself edited that out or if the publisher did. The US publisher is G.P. Putnam’s Sons, a division of Penguin.  This isn’t some kooky small potatoes press.   Penguin publishes tons of queer content so this leaves me completely mystified.  It wasn’t even a year ago that Clive Davis published his autobiography, which included him coming out as bi, and was a boon for sales to get all the publicity.   It makes no sense.

Also you know what is driving me crazy?   The coverage of this that keeps talking about editing out his ‘gay relationship’ or ‘homosexual past’.   Apparently he came out a recently and it’s too hard for headline writers to write ‘same-sex relationship’ or ‘bisexuality’ or even Morrissey’s chosen label, humasexual.   Since most people have no idea what that means, writing ‘bi’ would be more accurate than ‘gay’.   Come on people.  Non-monosexual erasure is not cool.

- Sarah 

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