I just got home from the Set Phasers to Internet, the tumblarian meetup.  First of all kudos to the peeps that organized this, because it was a DAMN good party.   

Second here were some of a the amazing people I met tonight.  Up top is the amazing queerthelibrarythen missrumphiusproject who was just so sweet, then the author Anna Jarzab (who has a phenomenal novel called All Unquiet Things that you should read even though it isn’t queer), and last but not least, paperandparticles who was just a great guy to talk to.   It was so great to meet some of the people that have been following this blog for a while as well as make new friends talking about bisexual representation in literature.   I had a fantastic time!

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    Highlights from the #laserfingers feed. So cool to meet so many people!
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    Last night was seriously amazing.
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